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Selected References



The following contains current reference projects, presented courtesy of the companies involved.

We are trading in an international environment where regulatory oversight is constantly increasing. Our clients,Insurers and parent company are rightly demanding ever greater levels of assurance and accountability regarding compliance for the multiple territories in which we operate.We have used David Goodley to provide this compliance advice for the past 3 years and have benefitted from his professional contribution across a range of compliance requirements.  

Tony Martin - Managing Director

City Compliance  is the perfectpartner to Vibe MGA Management Limited (VibeMM), adding value to the business, whilist supporting clients with proven excertise in an ever increasing regulatory enviroment. We have worked closely with City Compliance since our formation and enjoy a close working relationship.
Shaun Liinton - Director, Vibe MGA Management Limited
I would recommend David to anyone wishing to submit an FCA application, build a stronger compliance framework within their firm, or for a one-off compliance audit. 

Claire Castle - Director, Special Risks Limited

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